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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hit it! Are you a musical Superstar?

Ok, If yur gonna play lets see how far you can go, place the artist name to the lyrics, fair enuff ?

copy & paste the lyrics seen here

post your answers in the comment section in order of the lyrics, easy? some perhaps not soo easy, ok ok, If you donot know the artist how bout the title of the song you have 30 seconds, I'm kidding of course era 50's -present

lets see if you are musical superstar ps. don't look em up either! heheheheh

" Hit it, I'm gonna rock right now"

"I'm taking the time for a number of things that weren't important yesterday"

" Ive been drivin all night my hands wet on the wheel"

"them young girls they dont forget it,love is their whole happiness"

"nothings gonna change my world"

" And in her eyes you see nothing no sign of love behind the tears"

"Don’t expect any answers, dear"

"It makes a man feel so good to know that his love is, being returned"

"Girl I been into you, mentally long before"

"You know someone said that the world's a stage and each must play a part"

" I don't wanna fade away"

"Music will make things turn out right nnd I will dance till the broad day light"

" Gotta let that fool loose deep inside your soul"

"Dining at the ritz well meet at nine, precisely"

"You know, I got a woman, and she lives in the poor part of town"


"The truth is in the eyes cause the eyes don't lie, amen"

" The teacher said I had my"?

Found it, shot short list test you musical savvvyy, wooohoo!!

please post your answers
I'm waiting

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