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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Now I'm wondering thinking n pondering



I have just goofed off all damn day! humm workin on this blog playin with interactive Paul McCartney, and kinda blue to this "Fame it" thingy, well it's true. I haven't found very many people that are friendly at all-whats up with that? should I know some secret code? I give a shout out once again to the Antman Deborah Peterson Laketress & Pearl they have been most helpful to a new bloggy like me.

what's a girl to do? I was reading a cool thread yesterday about self promotion I believe it was in relation to this contest. C'mon people, if people are reaching out, reach back it's only good karma do you not want your bloggin friends to be successful too? well I do. I wouldn't care if they gave me $100 bucks & an award for me it shouldn't be about money but about people that bust their ass

trying to give good stuff to the blogworld, fun, happy, happenin stuff not all freakin so serious. dunno what is your take? oh yes I forgot people rarley post unless you are an established blooger, shoot forgot (this is what I have been reading all over the net) how can I forget the RULES lol!

Love & Peace to all~
I'm talights

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