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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A lil Note from Harleyblues to you

~ Hello everyone that is readin me lil ol blog let me give you some info on me. Well I started this blog 5 weeks ago, I have three blogs rolled into one this one. Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest ban Purplemelon,

It was suggested by my friend a webbymistress to start my own blog (mind you I hadn't a clue on what I was doing or what the hell I was getting myself into hehehe.) I have been a member of Paul McCartney's official webby for 6 plus years 23,000 postings later I find myself blogging.

At times I write in cryptic messages , with sarcasm & passion. I do not mean too offend but as you know when your are reading someones postings you cannot hear their voice just the message & the way that the reader (you) interpret it. I work in Oncology, and this is a great stress reliever for me, blogging that is.
I live in the Bay area have so most of my life. Music is my passion, LOVE it!. I have traveled to 4 countries to date to see Paul McCartney in concert, it's so much great fun to see your hero in a different country the people and the way of life there.

I come from a humble back ground yes, I've even been homeless more than once in my life. Music has been my savior I fight for the little guy, everyone has a voice and can make a difference in this world-it has a ripple affect of sorts reach out and touch someone. Working with cancer patients has taught me this: enjoy your life, have fun, take risks, do something you never dreamed of, give to people that are in need from your heart.

Make your dreams come true, appreciate what you have however small. I must say I'm rather glad that Nellie apple suggested that I start a blog the ups and downs of a new blogger and trying to figure it out from the techo stuff to the lingo. I'm just here to have fun hopefully with all you!
enuff about me.. Thankyou for reading and thanx for being here, Oh, and for those that have voted for me for the "Fame it" award thingy, you rock, it's truly appreciated.

Well that's it for now
Have a lovely day
I'm tailights
note: I have nominated another blog The Beatles and eveyone that loves them click here
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