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Thursday, June 21, 2007

McCartney Dogs and Roses hummm

Paul McCartney is a hot search on Dogpile right now!Hot Music Searches on Dogpile -

harleyblues take:

OK I just got this lil ditty from "dogpile" when I heard of it ummm, lemme see no, wait! well not so long ago (I heard about this engine). I said "Oh this is really fresh, dog pile"?

I suppose it's not to fresh at all. c'mon "DOG PILE" what do you envision roses? not me I get no other visions except for doggy mess!
who in the world thought of such a name? clearly it sticks in your mind-'The vision" I mean. Man I might even dream about this like steppin in some doggy doo doo, I cringe at the thought.

what are they trying to imply anyways who your searching for is shit? well it's part of their name so lets be blunt with it! I'm pretty open about things but that name is just freakin annoying. Why couldn't they have named it "cow pie" or "doggy mess" somethin that doesn't imply your searches "are shit"

just for that I think I'll post the McCartney rose to take away that doggy smell.. hehehe

just thinkin
only the nose, knows.

open for discussion what do you think
I'm taillights harleyblues
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