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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Man this secret gig in LA

The agony of waiting this is what McCartney fans are waiting upon, oh lemme start with a good morning people, it's 7:23am on this lovely staturday as my eyes are trying to foucs perhaps I should slap myself a few times to "Wake up" kiding you know. hehehe.

Any how the stir and the buzz is Paul McCartney is suppose to be playing another secert gig but when when! Last weekend I had mentioned that Audrey Beatlebarb and I took a nice lil jaunt all the way from San Jose to Hollywood, (still no piccies from Aud) waiting anyhow, This is a nail bitter for many and a tease. We donot know where the Sam hell he is playing, damn Paul your such a tease lol.

A local radio station in "LA, ain't to much for the man" appears to be playing lil teasers of a big announcement geeeeez, peoples blood pressures are rising in nervous anticipation as I type. Not me, no nerves here Im just tryin to chill as I have been feelin a bit under the weather I'll bounce back. Did I mention I was soo pissed I could not make it to the New York gig? Thanx to management at work.

I can't ask Paul to change his schedule that's dumb. If I could call Macca it would go somethin like this

hey Paul this is Christina-you know Harleyblues
the one with the Black Macca hat
go on
well I wanted to ask you a favor I know you are giving these secret shows for huge fans. a once in a lifetime event. Listen my boss won't let me have the day off do you think you can change your schedule to fit my needs ?
who is your boss, lemme ring em
Paul I do not think that would work, they split our vacation times I told them I cannot ask Paul McCartney to change his secret gig date.
what's wrong with em people didn't you tell em you were trying to see Paul McCartney. are they not flexible are they mad?
hahaha Yes Paul I did tell em, the whole point being, they don't give a shit!
that's really too bad nothin I could do for ya lass, sorry gotta go!
ok, thanx Paul.

this is what has been running thru my head if I was able to talk to Macca myself, bummer well I just keep wishin hopin & praying

I'm tallights for now
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