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Friday, June 22, 2007

McCartneys prank on Oasis gallagher

McCartney's Prank On Gallagher
Jun 22, 2007
Sir Paul McCartney tried to get rock pal Noel Gallagher arrested for shoplifting when he spotted the Oasis star browsing in the same London department store recently.

Songwriter Gallagher was shocked to bump into the rock legend, and grateful security staff didn't take the former Beatle seriously.
He says, "I bumped into Paul in Selfridges. I was in the menswear department and I heard someone say quite loud 'watch him, shoplifter'. I looked round and it was McCartney. I hadn't seen him for a while and we had a chat."

harleyblues take:

I did not realize you were mates with Noel Paul, after that scandalous mention to the media that he believed you should retire & give someone else a chance (paraphrasing here) OH lemme find that dreadful comment Gallagher made. He is a pompous jerk if you ask me. I know your not asking I'm just tellin ya's lol

I'm taillights
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