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Monday, June 11, 2007

Missing the 2nd McCartney "Secret Gig" again

Have you ever wanted something so bad where you almost bust your brain cells trying to make it happen? That would be me these past few days. Paul McCartney reportedly is giving 3 special "secret gigs" one in London last week, now the next in New York scheduled for 6/13. 500 brightly coloured wrist bands are to be given out to those lucky ones in line.

The problem with this is I do not have that particular day off, funny tho, I have the surrounding days off. Isn't that just like Murphy's law? I was almost on my hands and knees begging my manager for that specific day off. NO can do!

Whew what heart break for a die hard fan such as myself. than I figure there is the cost of a flight from the west coast to the east airfare is especially high right before your departure date. Than I could fear the repercussions of calling in sick, my manager knowing that is not the case at all. trying to find the venue, than some place to rest my head. I'm stuck so here I go again like many other Macca fans missing out a private free gig.

Certainly you must have experienced this type of thing before as your hopes vanish right before you eyes into one big mirage of reality. So I say to you out there IF there is something that you want or dying to do, go for it! There is no time like the present just make sure your manager doesn't know your game plan and things should turn out fine!

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All the best
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