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Monday, June 18, 2007

More fans Memories from New York

Tug writes june18
photo courtesy of Tug

please forgive this really long post. harleyblues asked me if she could post my review. I agreed. Then we discovered that I hadnt done one... so here it is Hrmm… like many of you, I’ve been a Paul McCartney fan all my life. My mother wanted to name me Michelle, but it got relegated to my middle name. My 12 year daughter has been saturated with his music, even before she was born. I saw Paul in concert, once before… in Atlantic City. I got the tickets by chance. For me, it was a once in a lifetime thing; I was sobbing my heart out through the whole show.

I don’t have the fortitude or the opportunity to see Paul for other shows. My life doesn’t allow for me to camp out for tickets, yet I live vicariously through the people who do. When I heard about this Secret show I smiled to myself. I knew it would be an amazing event, and I was wistfully happy for the people who would have the chance to go. I got in my car to drive to work and on the radio I could hear an awful rendition of Maybe I’m Amazed (my apologies to Blessing!). The woman sang passionately, and bravely and was awarded with tickets.

Lucky cow, I thought. Then the DJ said, I have more tickets, you don’t have to sing, just be the 25th caller. I used to have that radio station on speed-dial, but had not added it to my new phone. So I clumsily punched in the station number. I was driving (shhh!) and left off a digit, which connected me to an Asian country. Ha. I tried again to dial the station and got “Circuits are busy. Please try again.

So I did. On the third try I heard a voice calmly say, “Q104, can I help you?” Wow. “Uh, I’m calling in for the free Paul McCartney tickets?” There was a pause. “Oh, ok. You won. You’re the 25th caller.” I think I screamed something akin to “GET OUT OF TOWN!” The next few minutes were a blur as I carefully pulled over and gave him my details. So, I saw Paul for the first time years ago, by chance. And now I had an incredible opportunity to share this with my daughter, for her first concert.

I gave her just enough time to do her homework after school before we high-tailed it in to the City. We picked up our wristbands ( in a hotel meeting room and scurried off for a quick dinner. As it got closer to 7 I started to get antsy. Having never experienced a closed event like this gig, I didn’t know what to expect. I rushed my daughter through the last of her meal and dragged her to the Highline.

Harleyblues take:
Wow man, effin wow Tug wins the Radio staion contest, can you say freakin lucky, lol
the link above provides the rest of the story.
I'm tailights
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