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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sam Leach the Worlds Beatle Authority hope he visits and posts here

Oh my God!

Ive just heard from my Dear friend Sam Leach see "My grand Ol trip to Liverpool"

here on my blog it's so much fun! Anyhow this is when I actually got to meet Mister Greatness himself after many years of planning Sam's webby is FABulous see link above.

I think he tried to vote for me on this "Fame it award" thingy lol he will sort it out and figure it I know he is a busy man .. I wish I had a piccie on my computer of that way cool poster of em all drinkin somewheres in 64? Im sure Sam will correct me as of the date hehehe gosh I miss Sam so much I know he has been workin on a movie about his life
sheesh lemme post this with a quickness
Sam will be in the US!
I'm going to America on June 24th and I'm mad busy.
I'm also selling my Beatle photos at Beatlefest in Las Vegas on July 1-3rd. see for f=details soon
Love you Sam all the best Harelyblues
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