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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First hand accounts of Tonights "Secert Gig" in New York

Coming up first hand accounts of Pauls private Secert gig in New York 6/13

Nurktwin wrote:

"There was no railing. We were flush with the stage. A real club gig. The most intimate venue ever. I'm realizing now that that will never happen to me (or us) again probably. Paul rocked the roof off that place. HOUSE OF WAX killed!! AMAZING. Ok, need to collect my thoughts. One great thing though is that he played the full song of "babyface" I've never heard him do that. He said, "what's going on here, i'm giddy, i must be tripping" then launched into a fun ass version of

baby face, and sang with all his heart. Paul was more personal and intimate than i have ever seen him before. He was outright giddy, he even said, "i need to calm down here" usually he plays baby face and stops a few seconds in before hey jude, but when he played the full version then played hey jude...the crowd went crazy.... oh also there was a crazy jam at the end of i've got a feeling...where paul absolutely shredded on the guitar. WOW, he was really showing off. f**k man this was the best show i've ever seen Crazy"!!!!!

Fiser1 says:
holy hell his girlfriend Katie met Paul MCartney at the after party tonight in New York all totally by accident? not once but twice he is talking to her as I'm posting this lol Damn wish it was me! more details later

Drivin fans writes

Just got back with my son from what had to be the best McCartney experience of my life. Front row center...right under Pauls' mic!!! The set list was the same as London except,he added the full version of "BabyFace" before HeyJude, and he did a sort of jam of "I've Got A Feeling" after the regular version. That's all for now...I'm exhausted. Thanks for everytrhing, Paul (and the band)! ...and the 2nd if you like... One word to describe the experience of last nights show...UNBELIEVABLE! My son and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday outside the Highline waiting to get bracelets for Pauls "historic" New York gig...with some of the greatest Beatle fans I've ever met. We were rewarded with front row center....right under Pauls mic!!! To experience a show such as this with your son who is just as much a Beatle fan was icing on the cake.

The show was absolutely fantastic, as so many of us described earlier...with the new songs from MAF sounding even better than the studio version. Both of us were thrilled to get hand slaps from Paul as he greeted fans in front of the stage. My son, who talked with drummer Abe throughout the show personally got one of the 2 drumsticks that he gave to the crowd...not to mention his rose! I've seen Paul play in America on every tour since 1976, but the show yesterday was an experience that I don't think can ever be topped. It was perfect, and I'm so happy I was able to share it with my son. Thanks, Paul (and the band) for a beautiful night...and also a big thanks to Mark Hamilton for taking care of the real fans!


Macaajoel' writes

Here's some pictures I managed to take with my phone. They're alright, I guess. If anyone that was there with a real camera, PLEASE could you share your photos? I was so mad, in line I had a camera with me, but didn't bring it in because they said not to. I didn't want to lose a $350 investment.
Image One
Image Two
Image Three

Emptynester write

:I was a lucky radio contest winner from NY. This is the 4th time I’ve seen Paul in concert, plus Ecce in Carnegie Hall, where I stood next to him while we applauded. This concert, though, was by far the most incredible experience! After getting our wristbands, and the wait outside and inside, I was lucky enough to get a spot in the 4th row of people hugging the stage. This was actually much closer than the 1st row at a large venue. There was no gap at all between the 1st row and the stage. This is what I always dreamed about! I got all my emotions (crying) out before the show, so that I could really zone in on the whole experience. I kept telling myself to take it all in. At the other Paul concerts, one in 2002, and two in 2005, I yearned to be closer to the stage and feel more of the excitement and the interaction. This time that happened. Paul was singing great and he seemed to be enjoying himself as much as everyone who came to see him. He couldn’t have given us any more than he did. His energy was relentless. Being at this concert seemed so natural – like I was going to a concert given by my friend, Paul. When Paul did his introduction

to “Nod Your Head,” I took out made my sign of Paul’s head and started nodding it with my hand. He noticed it right away and said, “That’s it!” Paul talked to me!!!!! And, at the end of “Get Back,” he looked right at me when he said “Do you want to get back?” I said “yes”, and shook my head, and he sang right to me. These were always the experiences in my dreams, but now they are real!!!! I know that Paul will never remember me, but I don’t care because I will always remember him, and how we interacted for some brief seconds. This will always be a part of me.

Harleyblues take:
yo women I know the feeling when Paul sings to you like he did to me in Gijon Spain o4
awesome reviews!!

stay tuned!

stay tuned

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