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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ted Nugent tells McCartney to get over himself?

Ted Nugent tells McCartney to get over himself

Ted Nugent performs in concert at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater in Pompano Beach, Florida on July 7, 2006.

GMT Ted Nugent - the ex rock and roll superstar of the seventies, is a gun loving, meat eating, red-blooded American. The Nuge has had it with reports of Paul McCartney's roadie meat bans on tour. "I like sizzling meat on the grill. Wild, huh? Anybody? Now, we all know ol' Nuge isn't by any stretch of the imagination a weirdo when it comes to an omnivorous diet. WHAT DO YOU THINK?: opines Nugent in the Waco Tribune. see here

Harleyblues take:
WTF? ok so be it, if your a meat eater or a veggie what gives Nugent the right to tell Paul how to act, if these types of things are written into the contract of pre-employment well don't blame Macca if these fools got the ax. they know what they are in for upon hire. I'm sure they all know Paul is vegetarian and have rules & guidelines to be in his employ..

The Cat scratch fever king can take a hike for all I care

What do you think, do you believe McCartney is in the right to AX employees for eating meat?

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