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Sunday, June 10, 2007

This "Fame it" award thingy let me be blunt

Ok, this is my take, you work your ass off trying to provide exciting shit for people to read, countless hours posting and troubleshooting especially when you are new at the blogging gig. I'm not a techie person or a web designer, award winning scholar, or critic of any kind -in the professional sphere, PHD, MD, XYZ or ABC -you get my point. You join this "Fame it award" thingy and nobody leaves you comments at your blog?

My answer, I dunno, beats me.

WTF? I'm getting an eerie feeling this is set up for the established blogger that run in certain circles, I have read so much my eyes are almost freakin spinnin! People promoting themselves OK but are they really taking the time too actually look at someone else's blog? Are they doing this all in order to gain votes for themselves? I read an interesting blog very insightful about this very thing I'm writing about.
There have been two friendly people Laketrees & Deborah Peterson- a personal Thank you.
Err stop the bus, back up! I'm truly hoping that the friends that I do have out there give me a nod and vote crazy fans of music, people who see that there are those of us, little "new guys" with passion, guts & creativity.

So let me pull out some Paul McCartney and enjoy some beautiful music and keep posting & reading away, rant over. lmao at me!

Little added snippet a shout out to Antman for your support, Thankyou!
I'm taillights

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