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Monday, June 25, 2007

update on our way to Hollywood in search of McCartney 6/15

Hollywood or bust!
June 15-16

So here I sit in a hotel room in Hollywood on Sunset strip waiting, wishing, hoping and pondering that somehow someway we would be able to see Macca and this "Secret gig."

For some reason my hopes are fading fast several radio stations announced that Paul is in the UK and the secret gig will not be until the 27th whats so effin secret about that?
ha!!!I'm using Audreys else's lap top will write more later.Ok so I just got home it's 8:15pm thanx to my "road dawgs" Audrey & Beatlebarb man that was a long drive from southern Cali ito northern Cali piccies & details later ..ohh cannot wait for Audey to send me the piccies lol I'm

stay tuned!

Harleyblues update:

Ok so Miss Audrey sent me the few piccies that she and I took cannot post them all, why? they're dreadful hehehehehe anyways here is OUR foto memory of our 13 hour stay in search of Paul McCartney

Napkin from the hotel bar, this how you get after 10 hours sleep in 3days lol

what so special about this nakpin? on the back is a place to write someones name and date you met them, and their digits, ranking of that person like were they hot! or cold! 1-10

Welcome to Hollywood taken as were leavin lol

Woohooo The Beatle Star a must have piccie!

woooohooo Elvis Presleys Star on Holloywood walk of fame The Beatles loved Elvis!

lmao Bart Simpson advertising Hollywood lofts mind you I took these pics while Audrey was at a stop light on sunset waiting on me to snap em!

Hollywood graffitii art at underpass as we are leaving Hollywood

Leah! leavin La isn't our trip excitin!

Headin down the 405 to 5 goin home we had fun tho, this is the extent of our trip as you seen here. Are you not excited by OUR piccies of the world wind road trip! lol


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