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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beatles in the News

Beatles News Roundup
By: Howie Edelson

Yoko Ono is still adamant that John Lennon's murder Mark David Chapman should remain behind bars. Ono was asked by Mojo magazine whether she thought the killer should ever be able to walk free, to which she answered,
"I'm a practical, logical person and I think it would be very dangerous for him to come out. Both for Julian (Lennon), Sean (Lennon) and me."
harleyblues take:

hell, no, donnot let that murderer out what the feezie? Let him rot in jail and think about John Lennon for the rest of his sorry days. How could one even think of such a possiblity, there is none. He killed one of the most LOVED, brillant, talented, respected, muiscians of all times! They say to forgive your fellow man in this instance, NO, not in this lifetime!

In other Lennon news:
A new limited edition version of the Gibson Les Paul-Junior guitar that Lennon played in 1972 has been reissued. The new edition of the instrument, which was used for his legendary 1972 Madison Square Garden concerts, will be limited to 300 guitars, built specifically to Lennon's then-upgrades for the original guitar.
The guitar sells for a little over $7,500. For more information, log on to see more here
harleyblues take:

posted next door hehehe

In other Beatles-related news:

Ringo Starr took time out on his latest video update on his official website ( to plug Paul McCartney's latest album, Memory Almost Full. Starr also raved about McCartney recent Los Angeles appearance at Los Angeles'Amoeba record store, which Starr, his wife Barbara Bach, and George Harrison's widow Olivia Harrison all attended.

newly released is Hello Goodbye: Songs The Beatles Gave Away, a new album which collects a dozen songs that John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote and gave away in the '60s to such acts as Peter & Gordon, P.J. Proby, Cilla Black, and Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, among others.
Included on the set are Peter & Gordon's 1964 Number One hit "World Without Love" and Billy J. Kramer's Top Ten hit from later that year, "Bad To Me."
Billy J. Kramer, who received several original tunes from Lennon and McCartney in the early '60s, says that he never took the pair's contributions for granted:

"I was very lucky, and I'm the first to admit it. To have John Lennon and Paul McCartney come down to Abbey Road (studio) and play you a song, I mean, what more can you ask for?"

harleyblues takes: ok spill who has heard this album, is it good? reviews please, is this album a must have?

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