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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Purplemelon stress buster hailed as "Miracle Cure"

The Purplemelon Press Office
T 01380 860 169
M 07971 461 002

The Purplemelon show - recently hailed by Anxiety magazine as "a miracle cure for modern day stressing" - returns by pubic demand to their natural home at The Troubadour Club on Thursday July 26th.

The Seventies-sounding, all-fun rock night with the group now lauded as London's best-looking rock band [ (c) Grazia magazine ] will kick off shortly after the doors open at 8.00 pm
at the former haunt of Jimi Hendrix (265 Old Brompton Road, Earls Court).

Purplemelon are Tom Hill (lead vocal, guitar), Eric Joyce (bass), Windsor McGilvray (drums and groupies), Owen Barry (lead guitar). The band of longhaired lookers were last month acclaimed by The American Institute of Modern Psychology as "the city girl's ideal tonic for the strain of living in London".

The Institute praised the Purplemelon show for "the unusual capacity to brighten your mood no matter what". The Institute's endorsement follows claims in the medical media that watching Purplemelon releases libo-endorphins in the brain, leaving the audience happier, sparkling and pretty much up for it.

To achieve the best effect of stress-relief from a Purplemelon show, attendees are advised to practice the following steps on the three days prior to the gig:

* Write down all your worries; read the list before trying to sleep.
* Don't count your blessings - you haven't got any. Count your problems instead.
* Turn on and turn up all the electrical appliances in any room you are in. Never turn anything off.
* Only buy small expensive things that are easy to lose.
* Replace all home and office lamp bulbs with overhead neon strip lights. Preferably ones that flicker.
* Never clear the air over disagreement, let stuff fester.
* Wear shoes one size too small.
* Try to maximise your consumption of food additives and banned E-numbers.
* Make schedules including an unrealistic number of tasks, so you can agonise over why you are constantly falling behind.
* Isolate yourself from human contact and shout at anyone who attempts to invade your personal space.
* Always ignore any woman's obvious new hair-style.
* Shout at people outside your department at least twice a day.
* Smoke. Smoke Gauloises in No Smoking areas.
* Stitch people up as often as possible, especially your friends.
* Always join in other people's arguments over matters that have nothing to do with you. Try to get strangers to join in too.
* Do not meditate; why meditate when you can worry? Worrying is meditation carried out by realists.
* When sending a press release, remember that small print annoys everybody.


harleyblues take:
God Love you Geoff, tis all I can say "write" now hehe that was brillant as ever, think my day has just started off with a bang!
ta your mate
pss need some piccies of the lads
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