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Friday, July 06, 2007

Been up since 2am wonderin thinkin ponderin whats going to happen

July 6th

Thinkin, mind racing, whats going to happen

Well I was awoke by one of my Kitty's "BOOTS" he is a six toed kitty, polydactile (sp) I almost named him TOEY's or FEET's. I heard him crying it's been so hot here on the west coast in the states so I filled up the bathroom sink with water that's where he likes to drink from cats do the oddest things.
hehehe love my animals bunches.
I couldn't go back to sleep as my mind is racing do you ever get that feelin when you fear the unknown?
This is were I am at at this moment I have something coming up and I'm not sure of it's outcome. It could be life altering. Yes, I have been praying to God that all will turn out well and I'm trying to remind myself of this. The good news is I've heard from my beautiful friend via email Nelly, her hubby Tony & fam have been in Europe firstly Amsterdam now in London.

Oh how I wish I was with them now in London, I'd be in London tryin to see Paul McCartney & numerous band for the ITUNES Festival if I wasn't sick . I hope they heard about it and attended the event oh my wait until you hear about Nelly, Tony & I adventures seein Paul McCartney in 05 can you say it ROCKED? Well it did woohooo.

Nelly if you are readin my blog from London just know I Love you guys and hope you are all well havin a great effin time without me hehehehehehe. Must be hard being you traveling all over Europe gurlllll!
whew as I sit here trying to remain positive. It's 5:34 am and the sun is coming up I should get some sleep when I'm done posting and goofin off.
all my best Love you guys
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