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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another memory at LA secert Macca gig Inline chattin


In the Line Chattin
June 26th

Since my last post that really has me burned up I thought I'd add a little ditty about one of Paul McCartney security people. On Tuesday the 26 a well built man with a nice smile was walkin thru the line of fans he stopped in our section.
I asked him a question (can't remember what it was at the time.) I introduced myself as "Harleyblues Christina" one of the McCartney's board members. I shook his hand he was a friendly guy, like I said before in an earlier post he could not believe that we would wait inline to see Paul McCartney, hehehehe.

I than showed Michael a piccie of me in my out fit from Liverpool 03 you know, he laughed I dress like that he said, YEP, I'm not ashamed hahaha

He said we were crazy teasin us.
Michael couldn't believe how much travel we had made to see Paul I mentioned lots of fans travel to see Paul. It's Paul, it's the music. IT"S OUR PASSION!

Tessa and I attempted to tell him "This is Paul McCartney!" we chimed. he asked IF we were such huge Macca fans what band did John Hamill play with? whaaaa, laughin that's news to me. Tessa and I looked at each other I said Rod Stewart & the Faces. nope. he joked what kinda fans are you hehehehe.
I said fair enough I'll ask Geoff Baker I know he will tell me, he smiled and asked "Why do you like Geoff Baker so much" WHY! hehehe Oh Geoff rocks, he has been so good to fans all these years, great PR person for Paul, he is a fan himself , cared for Paul & Linda, The McCartney family, he really cares,I miss Geoff.

I emailed Geoff yesterday and told him I'm in search for the McCartney gig in LA if he had a free chance for Geoff to ring me on my cell phone hahahahaha. (yeah right Geoff won't ring and he didn't ahahahaha!)

So Tessa got to the front row the night of the gig by Paul's security of course "lucky her" bet If I was as beautiful as she was I might have been in the front row also, effin bummer for me!
I'm happy just the same I was able to see Paul & the band.
So I guess the moral to my lil ditty here is please Paul McCartney's people be cool with the fans! we have been supportin him since the early years we Love Paul!

I'm taillights
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