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Friday, July 20, 2007

Good morning hello everyone London Town

Hello everyone! hi all in the UK. I see lots of visitors, how is the weather in England? I remember years ago while in the London the weather was aprox. 100 degrees, damn that is hot and muggy! Nelly & Tony are you guys still in London? hehe wish I was there! hows the exchnage rate? lmao. anyway I thought of a song that reminds me of dear ol London.
London is one of the greatest citys in the world, you know it.

Silly lil ruff video of London Town
Paul, Linda & Denny. LOVE this song and the album is great, LOVE it!
bought London Town in Liverpool Kings Dock a must have Cd if you do not own it already. I LOVE LONDON wooohooo !!!
hehehe harleyblues
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