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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Need another can of spam on BTF?

Damn stop the Spam already on Blogging to Fame! it's getting out of hand! lol
July 30th
ok so here we are "Blogging to Fame" but are we? I feel really bad for the Admin. running this Great contest why? the constent spammers. "Vote for me I voted for you" "please vote for me please please please" piccies and links leading you to their profiles and get this, its gaining in popularity, isn't that grand!
Hell no.
shouldn't there be a nice way to ask bloggers new and old joining in the contest a way to view your profile and blogs without pleading and begging, a bloggin etiquette of sorts? I believe so.
How many people are actually reading peoples profiles and blogs? I do not need to get into particulars but those in this contest not spammiin get my meaning, I hope. Perhaps they should change the name of the contest to "Blogging to Spamming Fame" that seems to be the trend here. hehehe
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