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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Promo poster from Amoeba Secret gig LA Jjune 27 cds

Here is the poster that cutomers received when purchasing Cd's or Recs from the Amoeba store NO they were not given them away unless you bought somethin hehehehe
here are the 3 cd's I bought on the 27th

this is fab!
haven't given this a listen yet

ok Paul's new album rocks!!!

Note: I might add I now have 4 copies of Memory Almost Full this is includin the Special Edition one for my car, one for my computer, one for work and ? laughin at me I know, I know !!

Oh this poster is really tight lookin the staff at Amoeba ripped mine accidently and gave me another. While waiting for Paul's limo after the gig ( he rolled down his right side window I was on the left)I asked if anyone wanted my torn poster, of course I gave it to a dude who hadn't one that rocks!


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