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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh this is fresh one of Paul McCartneys people lied to me his PR guy?

July 4th

Oh man busted!!! I knew it, one of Pauls McCartneys people lied to me, WTF? this is how it happened I was postin on my other blog Memory Almost full1 about Pauls virtual era scare right? and low and behold who is in the piccie with Paul, see the guy in blue shirt, and glasses thats him!

Last week on the 27th in LA I walked over to Baja Fresh to get somethin to eat with a quickness as I was sittin there I noticed a gentlemen that looked very recognizable, he looked my way several times. So I approached him I said "you work for Paul McCartney" " no I don't" he said in a very soft voice, I remember him from Liverpool 03.

I even introduced myself.

He flat out denied it and lied. I said "I have seen you in photos with Paul "no I don't not me" he said once again. I walked away. Now why in the Sam hell would one of Paul McCartney's people lie about workin for him? sheeeesh I have met alot of his security a nice friendly bunch! Mark Hamilton, Scotty, goodin's in my book along with Michael.

Now why would this guy lie to a McCartney fan? This has me really puzzled right now was he bein a snob, since he works for Macca? Or is it that I was just a FAN? If I ever see him again I'm surely goin to ask him about it. some people! oh don't you hate bein lied too.
July 5th
ahaaa so someone tells me this is Paul's PR GUY wtf!!!!!

post your thoughts please!

I'm tailights
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