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Saturday, August 11, 2007

B-I-N-G-0 and BOOTS

Morning everyone happy weekend!

Doncha just ya just hate it when you have to wake up earlier than you have too? This morning I heard some rustling around from "Boots" my six toed cat. He finally knocked over my Tiffany style lamp to get me outta bed. You know I jumped up to chase him for waking me up, the lil monster! "NO BOOTS, Mamas doesn't need to work today" hehehehe

Last night after work I went with my friend Brandy to B I N G O. Have you ever played Bingo? Man it's a trip, they had these lil machines where you input your numbers along with the paper bingo you blot out your numbers with coloured ink. you played these two at once paper & machine! It was hard to keep up. hahaha. There were some serious players there some players had lil piccies up of their family & animals also flowers, live flowers on the tables you could purchase for beautiful bingo surroundings.

Brandy was helping me play of course, they also had these funny pull tab thingys to see if you would win thruout the game. We played 96 games, yep, and you known I didn't win a damn thing. I'd be two or one number away than some would call out BINGO!

One lady won over $1000 bucks now that's some serious cash. We kept laughing and joking to make it fun. One of Brandy's co-workers and hubby met with us so close but no cigar for any of us. I spent over $80 bucks last night, Damn I suck at BINGO! ehehehe

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