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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barry Bonds knocked it outta the park 756

OK so Barry Bonds knocked it outta the park last night in the 5th inning in San Fransico homerun #756 beating Hank Aaron's all time home run record! is this justified, does Bonds deserve the title? My oh opinion, NO WAY! I believe Bonds has taken steroids over the years. Look at his behavior with the media over the years a pompus, egomaniac who could careless what anyone thinks of him. Bonds in no hero or mentor for kids. Look at this interview last night by Gary Radnich of KRON4 of Pedro Gomez reporter from ESPN..
It kinda says it all doesn't it? click here

Here is my email I sent to Gary Radnich:

Hiya Gary

well I had to email you, first of all you RAWKKK! I watch you all the time I love your candid reporting style. Can I just say, I'm really ticked that Bonds beat Hank Aarons record! I don't believe for one minute that Bonds made home run history on sheer athletic ability, I believe he has taken steroids. C'mon Gary look at his pompous attitude and behavior over the years with the media alone. No, I don't believe he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame either. question for you, Do you like Bonds? I'm, so disappointed that I even posted about this on my blog that is mostly dedicated to music. I just wanted to share with you my opinion I WILL be posting my email to you on my blog!

Keep up the excellent work & reporting all the best
Bay Area
please post your comments!
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