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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Greatest show on Earth is!

Hey everybody,
when is the last time you went to the circus? I did today
Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. I saw the "red show" The circus still holds all the magic & splendor it did just like when you were a kid. It was quite good actually,entertaining. I loved the giant cats, man these animals were beautiful and majestic as were the horses.

The dogs were cute and fun also the acrobats. Performing acrobatic families from Bulgaria, Argentina, Mexico Russia & Asia that I recall off hand. It was great to see the elephants also but a little bit too short in the program~ I was really impressed with the circus having their own lil full piece band with sound engineer, very cool beans, the music was great!

After the two hour show I must say beyond a doubt when walking back to the car I said my friend you know? "Paul McCartney IS the Greatest show on earth! than the circus."!

Paul McCartney in Red Square 02-03 tour above. We both laughed! Yes, I am partial, hehehehe. So the next time that the Circus orPaul McCartney is in town go have some fun, and see them both you will not be disappointed two of the best shows on earth! HB~ps note: for all you animal lovers and activists here are some FAQ to animal care (yes I read it)

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