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Monday, August 27, 2007

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience

Gijon Spain a McCartney experience part 1

hello everybody its 1:05 am just got back from Pauls dress started this morning.. around 10am breaky time... as you might know I ate a lil bit of everything!!ª lol lmao!! alot alot alot... after breaky I went upstairs and tried to rest .... after about one hour I said the hell with it got ready and went to the stadium where Paul was to perform, it was after 12noon.....

I went to the side of the stadium and can hear .. the sound guys fine tuning etc.. a security guard was blocking the door and let me in! he let me take a few piccies some of the inside of the stadium...and the stage after about 20 minutes I had to Leave.. so I went around to the back.. and stood at the fence hoping to see Paul or the band!!!
I just stood there standing... a promoter came walking by.. I told him he looked rather friendly!! He said be right back I have something for you ... He returned with several promoter posters of the Gijon Spain gig..
to be con.
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