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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh man NO, America's got talent, not the Hoff!

Oh hell no!

Ok, I must admit that I DO like some reality TV especially music related telly. I just had to watch this last episode (which is still on) of "America's got talent" But no, say it wasn't so! David Hasselhoff attempted to sing
"This is the moment?" It was dreadful! what the feezy? Hassellhoff was all over the place on this tune, not to mention off key! Truly embarrassing for him in front of millions of viewers. oh man I hope somebody posts this on YouTube~ seeing is believing. To watch this was truly painful. American Idol contestants could do much better than this without a full blown orchestra that accompanied Hassellhoff. Not to mention they tried to rip off"Idols" finale with guest artists. Yes it's another one of Cowell babys. NO, I'm not hatin on the Hoff but that was pure crap!
Simon Cowell would be rollling at this moment. Anyone else see this?
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