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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Paul McCartney the concert hopper,lol

Paul McCartney the concert hopper, ha!
So now Paul has been seen with Rene Zellweger, gigin it, not to be confused with
"gettin giggy with it" oh no we can't be havin that. to quote Paul:

"Iv'e got to much on my plate
don't have time to be a decent lover"

from Memory Almost Full, Pauls latest album. heheheh
ok first Paul McCartney was seen with Christy Brinkley in recent weeks attending a
James Taylor concert in the Hamptons, now with Renee attending a
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers gig. ( do you like I'm your handy man" Paul, by J. Taylor?)
What's going on Macca are you on the rockin concert circuit as a spectator?
Renee Z. musta been beside herself after it was reported last year she had a "slight crush" on you, I wonder if she readily admitted this? Than there is the media "God love em" trying to make a big deal out of everything you do Paul, one could almost say your lookin like a "playa" Paul, but nah, not OUR Macca heheh.
Well whatever it is your doing or not doing Paul mums the word from me, kidding of course. Enjoy yourself Paul, Rock out! have fun! Now you see why we LOVE to see you in concert so much its magic almost addictive! So I'm available to hang out with you Paul, why not the
Bridge School Bennie this year? I'll remember not to call you, well strike that, I know you dislike being called the "U" word. We'd have a ROCKIN good time. hehehehe.
all the best harleyblues. heheheh
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