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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Talk of Pauls Eyes in London

There is talk all over the world of the "
London Eye" being renamed the "McCartney Eye."

I dunno do you think this is a good idea?
A new Paul McCartney DVD to be released this coming winter in November 07. Cover photo is one of
"Macca's eyes" as the art work. What would they do, incorporate the London eye around one of Pauls irises? this could be interesting, should they rename the London eye to the McCartney eye with a hologram on it's cover?

Will they plaster one of Paul eyes on the London eye but where? This thing is huge, no mammoth! I was on the River Thames one evening floating by and dumb founded at the size of this thing, it looks like one huge

bicycle wheel, lol Perhaps the "House of Commons" will vote on it, all the "Eyes" in favor win. lol
stay tuned!

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