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Saturday, September 29, 2007

All I got is a photograph,so I hoped lol

All I got is a photograph, so I hoped.

Man has this ever happened to you. Ok. so I have an HP printer wanting to print foto's. well I attempted to do this on regular paper, (well it had worked before) the picces came out warped and distorted, damn! I than ran/drove to the local Walgreen's where the foto department suggested that:
1. I cleaned the metallic heads of the cartridges with a Q-tip and alcohol.
2, to replace the cartridge (why would I do that they're basically new) didn't bring cartridge of course.
3. buy foto paper for piccies-pictures.

foto courtesy of Google- Love google search!
I opted for the q-tips & alcohol, rubbing alcohol, ok kids. So I get home clean em up and replace them into the printer. Man the damn piccies still came out a bit grainy or lined. so I did a self clean test, ok, works a little better. I didn't want to waste the glossy Kodak sheets that came in a pack of twenty for $5.99 a little steep to me. I finally got a few pictures 3 plus hours later, still a little dark (picture correction was on full!) but serves its purpose for today. The quality is not brilliant but serves a purpose for the time being. What a time consuming process for 4 printed pictures. Sheesh hahahaha! Yes you can try this at home. all comments welcome!

photograph-Ringo Starr-Concert for George
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