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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Love em Bagpipes do you?

Love em Bagpipes! do you ?

I find the Bagpipes very fascinating bags-N-pipes. Love the sound liken the kilts, the whole mystique of it all. OK I love plaid just love plaid! Men lookin very sexy in kilts too. I know there are Scottish bagpipes & Irish ones I even heard of Spanish bag pipes, say wha? Spanish bagpipes?

The earliset recorded bagpipe is 400 BC from Athens that's many years ago Jack. I wonder what the difficulty level is, to playing pipes? and the my question is:

"Why men do not wear under garments" or is this a thing of the past? this has alsways puzzled me need to research this more. At least some are giving it a try, see below heheheh.

Bagpipes anyone?

get down brotha,wonder what he is playin? lol

Long way to the Top if you wanna Rock N Roll-AC/DC
see, even AC/DC loves the bagpipes!

Mull of Kyntires-Paul McCartney & Wings see Paul likes em too!

thoughts anyone?

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