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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part2

Gijon Spain a McCartney experience part 2

and some posty cards... I thanked him and took a piccie of him with HIS Paulie backstage pass.. I told him he rocked of course. about 2 minutes later our dear ol Geoff Baker came out! I called out to him he was speaking on his cell phone..He came out from around the fence I ask

Geoff, "may I take a picture with you?"
He said ¨´Hell I drank so much gin last night!!! I began to laugh.. I asked him if he remembered last year in Liverpool.. when he was outside tha Cavern club when Karen was stepping on his feet ...hehehe, Oh yes that's right, isn't !!!!!!
I told him I'm the girl with the black MACCA hat, another fan took a piccie of Geoff and I than another.. Geoff said Paul would be arriving in about 6 or 7pm. he than left and stated he would be back later....after a few more hours more people began to congregate,,,, some of the Spanish press was there an interviewed several people, myself, a father & daughter from the Netherlands.

piccie of the paper that we were interviewed for in Gijon Spain, me far right. sorry I forget the name of the paper, gulp, I have it packed away.

Fans waiting outside the Stadium Mollion'(sp) waiting for Paul McCartney to arrive above and below!
note: some piccies provided by P. to be con.

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