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Saturday, September 01, 2007

have your piccie taken for £20,000 by Mary McCartney, say what?

If you've always wanted your picture taken by a celebrity photographer here's your chance.
have your piccie taken for £20,000 by Mary McCartney, say what? "All you need is cash lots of iT."
Hotel Chatter reports that the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London is offering a new luxury package, the Mary McCartney Portrait Experience. Mary McCartney (the daughter of Paul and his photographer wife Linda) has taken the photographs of a wide variety of rock stars (she's a regular photographer for Interview magazine)

as well as actors such as Jude Law and Ralph Fiennes and even Tony and Cherie Blair. McCartney has been appointed the official photographer for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group's `I'm a Fan' brand campaign which also features celebrities.

The two-night package includes a feature suite, a two-hour spa ritual to prepare, Champagne breakfast daily, a bottle of vintage Champagne and an a la carte dinner for two in the restaurant, Foliage. The package starts at £20,000 and is limited to just ten guests. And I'm assuming that asking questions about her famous dad and his recent divorce are probably off limits.see here

harleyblues take:
are they freakin kidding me? Hell no would I pay that type of money to have my piccie taken! Sure I love Paul McCartney & all I support the McCartney family but that is ridiculous the regular working class folk could NEVER afford something like this, but than agian I suppose it isn't meant for us working class right? The package sounds fantastic however the cost is rather absurd this equals to $40,000 in USD. Damn, how nice it would be to afford this type of luxury. I'd rather follow Paul McCartney and entire tour if I had this type of Moo-lah.
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