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Friday, September 14, 2007

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 4

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 4
The night before the gig!

Continuing on, that night we went into the rehearsal we were quiet as church mouses but got "the boot" after a half an hour. Paul was doing "Helter Skelter" first time ever live since the Beatles & "Inspite of all the danger" the very first Beatles song! Man this was history in the making as I have prayed for Paul to do this live for years. Helter Skelter that is.

Clearly you could see someone twirling around and having a great time in front of the stage it was Heather McCartney such a fun sight to see for us fans. I thought it was a small girl at first but it was Heather, dancing round. The people that worked for the tour were loud, noisy & cheering, but we the fans got tossed out, I still wonder why we were booted out? we left quietly, and stood outside the stadium listening to the rest of the rehearsal.

People were gathering around to listen, also cheering after each song it was about 12am. People kept coming wondering what was going on? Sure they had to knew that Macca was in town? fans across the street were standing on their balcony's enjoying the music also, it was a site!
After the rehearsal show... we saw Paul's car driving by slowly ...waving from his limo... wish he would have stopped and said.. HELLO!!!¬

Paul McCartney at Glastonbury 04- Helter Skelter-Gijon Spain was the BEST when Macca performed it live for the first time.Just a snippet for you all.
to be con....
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