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Friday, September 14, 2007


Whats in a name ask yourself?

hehehehe I just read something about using your real name for your blogs, well I prefer not too. My nickname IS "Harleyblues" has been for years and people know me by this name. Some people call me "McCartney" and that is rather obvious as to why someone would call me McCartney.
(thanx Paul, lol) Harleyblues, has many meanings for me, as your nicknames might have for you.

My friends call me Christina, but than again this is on a personal level, and if you'd like to be personal well call me Christina than. But please, donnot call me any derogatory names you'll never get a response, that is pleasant. We all like to stand out in a crowd as individuals, so whatever name you have, is cool by me, with the exception of ugly bastiff names in history. You know what names come to mind, feel me? This reminds me of a old TV gingle that goes something like this:

"Ahh, ya doesn't has to call me Johnson! You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnny or you can call me Sonny, or you can call me RayJay, or you can call me RJ... but ya doesn't hafta call me Johnson"

What's your name-Don & Juan
wrote in dem early 60's lmao I just couldn't resist! I love Oldies,Old School & em Lowrider Oldies. This is the only original sound track I could find beside a straight Sleeve cover version but hey, at least you can learn the lyrics right?
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