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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Paul McCartney plays DJ for Radio 1 Sept 17th

Sir Paul becomes a DJ for Radio 1
Sir Paul is one of 10 stars taking part in the series Sir Paul McCartney
and Ozzy Osbourne will DJ on BBC Radio 1 to mark the station's 40th anniversary.

The two stars are among a list of 10 who will be hosting shows and playing the music which inspired them.
Paul with Edith Bowmen Radio 1
The series, called

Radio 1 Legends, starts on 17 September, with former
Beatle Sir Paul hosting the first show.

Paul will be spinning disks from his favs:
Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis to the Rolling Stones and songs from his old band, Beatle or Wings?
(you'll have to to tune in)
Paul said:
"As I am a legend in my own street, they've very kindly asked me to do my own show, talk about people who inspired me and play my favourite records."
Radio 1 marks its 40th birthday from 17-28 of September.

Have a listen to Paul on Radio 1 live after many commercials-n-songs etc. This is Pauls interview Sept 5 you can listen for one week. Well I hope you who do listen to Paul McCartneys show on the 17th record it. lol um Colin? listen to Pauls interview & Q&A click here
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