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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Starbucks just sucks can you say Boycott?

Starbucks a what a joke!
Months ago Starbucks released
Paul McCartneys new album Memory Almost full in June. (Great Album!) On the day they started the promotion of the CD, I went to my local

Starbucks in Sunnyvale off Wolfe road, I asked them in all my excitement if I may have the poster of Paul in the window!.
"Oh sure, just keep checking back with us, Yes you may have the poster!". I was so excited! I'd go into Starbucks every couple weeks and asked about the poster, I even printed my name first and last in small red ink. on the McCartney poster.
"Keep checking back with us" they stated. Then I began to get the dreadful run around, you know, that feeling when no one knows what the heck you are talking about or hasn't a clue? The shift manager even took down my phone number and stated she would call me. In and out of the store I would go, they knew who I was.
The poster was taken down at the end of July . Now, no one knows where the Macca poster is? Why did they have to lie and play games? I'm really not happy with them at this moment.
Why promise a diehard McCartney fan something than NOT deliver? actually it pisses me off.

Memory Almost full promo poster in question

So I will be calling the manager to see if they disposed of the poster after months of waiting to get it. Just spoke to the manager of the store she flat out denied she was there when she stated "wait until after the promotion." one Friday evening.

"The poster is a trademark of Starbucks" she claimed they are not aloud to give anything away. Why did your people lie and give me the run around I asked her? "oh probably to make you happy she said," "say what?" If I would have known, I would have told you that you couldn't have it (the poster).

I said you know, I'll be blogging about this, lying to people and giving them the run around is-just, NOT good customer service as a paying customer! You can do what you want, this is a free country said the manager, with a laugh in her voice. What a joke.

This is a principle issue here. Your only as good as your word and the product you sell, and the people that represent your company, in this case (flat out liars) Geeesh, you know Starbucks is over rated in my opinion their coffee is NOT the best and over priced!

I think I'll be boycotting them from now on and get my coffee elsewhere, say Peete's or my local 7-11 which is much better and cheaper, ha!

side note: Mellisa was the only honest and friendliest one in the bunch.

update: during 60 minutes tonight, on Andy Rooneys segment, I happened to catch this lil tidbit: said Rooney "Starbucks coffee beans are over roasted, and the coffee has a burnt taste" well, well, well, good one Andy, I couldn't have said it better myself. So Andy Rooney doesn't care for Starbucks either? hehehehehe

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