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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you give out cyber awards to your friends to gain popularity

Do you give out cyber awards to your friends to gain popularity?

Man let me be blunt! As a new blogger I believe this is bullchips, It's just like a freakin clique those that know me well know I cannot stand cliques. This is such a silly notion bloggers giving each other cyber awards for a job
"well done" "One mans trash is another mans treasure."
Tis is a mary-go-round, blogger's giving out these things to the same people all the time. why?

"Cuz they're friends" I'd rather get something from someone who is a "constant reader of my blog" or a "unknown person reading my blog" in some form or another in this way I know it is sincere and not a bunch of crap!
that they, the reader likes'/enjoys what they are reading not becuz they are friends with Joe Blow around the block feel me?

continuing on since I had one minute to write this at work as I had a meeting to attend.

Please don't get me wrong their are some fantastic blogs out there that receive no recognition at all! what about all the lil new blogs & bloggers, what about the little guy? I'm pro "little guy" getting more traffic, readers & hopefully comments, yes!!.

Not about page rank, Alexia, analytics, kissin someones ass or I'll do this for you if you do me, say what? Check yourself.
Pure shallowness I tell you and I just did. Hopefully the originators of these lil cyber award thingy's will give some time & careful consideration to all the lil guys, struggling bloggers with passion, creativity, with voices to be heard, take some notice! Yes we all like "thatta boys/girls" just be real about it.
So I salute all US lil guys out there may all your voices be heard!
p.s. the Paul McCartney concert link is still working for those of you that haven't seen Macca's concert at the Round house.
I'll be back later for more fun & games,
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