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Monday, October 01, 2007

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 5

Paul McCartney 04 a McCartney experience part 5
gig night!

note:this is part 5 of many parts of seein Macca live in Gijon Spain 04 you'll have to read 1-4 to get the entire scoop! location you ask? see older posts.

So some of us got to get into the Sound check walking to the stadium was very exciting! we were ushered into the stands.
Rusty was singing about tomatoes and scrambled eggs..... oh my, lmao!
they played Living loving maid.. by Zeppelin... some blues..and part of the set list! Paul said
" I'd like to welcome my special guests" there was a couple who had just gotten married.. and Paul congratulated them. so after the sound check we waited a bit than went to the front of the stage..

Me & Mary from New Jersey were right in front of Paul's mic! Paul came out with Jet.. after I yelled "Rusty you rock!" he said wooohooo Paul was looking at all of us.. in the front row, read me sign and nodded his head......

That's US in Gijon Spain 04 front row me holding the sign Iv'e carried for years that was finally signed by Paul McCartney 05 HP Pavillion. Thanx Paul!

when he began to sing:
In spite of all the danger tears started to well outta my eyes.. than they took a piccie of that me, tearing up. FOR NO ONE! omg! you guys that was absolutely brilliant!! some idiot girls behind me wanted me too take my hat off, yeah right! I told em NO! the pre show I did not care for.. it was a remix of Paul's songys Rock show.. Temporary Secretary!!! and alot others.. last YEARS PRE SHOW WAS BETTER in my opinion..Paul didn't read signs out loud this time. The crowd kept chanting... the football chat! Paul made a soccer kick..
when Paul sang "Here Today" he almost lost it! he sang "I love you" 3 times, it was very emotional and moving! Paul was truly happy that night and all of us in the front were carrying on.. it was brilliant!!!! heheheh

to be con,,
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