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Monday, October 01, 2007

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 6

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 5
continuing on with Gijon, Paul McCartney gig!

note:this is part 5 of many parts of seein Macca live in Gijon Spain 04 you'll have to read 1-4 to get the entire scoop! ;pcation you ask? see older posts.

Oh did I mention Heather sat one person away from me... I wore my adopt a land mine tee. I signaled her security lady, Misty is that her name? she nodded "no"
(as not to bother Heather) I pointed at my shirt to say hello to Heather, Paul winking. Paul finished singing his first song.

I said Heather? she did a double take as me Heather & Misty wear all wearing black hats! (what are the chances?) I pointed at my shirt she gave me a smile and a thumbs up.... after another song I asked heather if she would sign my sign? she said YES!!!! I was SO happy about that and thanked her.
I was asking Paul if he would sign that effin sign too but, he kept singing his song and smiled.. Paul was interactive with ALL of us! there was many a sign and people from all over the world at this gig! the camera guys & film crew were filming all of us! it was fantastic! I'll write more later I'm dog tired.... wooohooo
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