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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 7

Gijon Spain 04 a McCartney experience part 7

wrappin it up on on the Macca gig in Spain 04.
some of the highlights of the trip were these below on May 24th I walked to the Stadium you can hear sound adjustments.. I past a security guard who let me inside for a few moments to take piccies of inside the stadium. After a bit I left and went around to the back I stood at the fence at 12:15 pm hoping to see Paul & the Band with any luck. I stood there for hours. I could see all the bustling about beyond the fence.. a man walked by to get inside the gates, I told him he looked very nice.. he said "oh yeah, I have something for you"

he came back with 5 tour posters of the gig and some post cards I was totally ecstatic! & thanked him, I took a piccie of him & his back stage pass. two other people had walked up at this time and happened to be a father & daughter from the Netherlands. I gave them each a poster & a post card.

Not two minutes later Geoff Baker came around I called out to him. he was speaking on his cell phone. I asked Geoff if I could take a piccie with him.He said "Bloody hell I drank too much gin last night!" I laughed and the Doctor from the Netherlands took our picture together.. I asked Geoff if he remembered Liverpool last year when he came out of the Cavern club? a fan was stepping all over his toes? he remembered!!~ I asked if we could please take a camera into the sound check" he think about it" he said.. ( Well I had to ask at least) I also told Geoff I thought he rocked, he laughed I stated we have discussions about Geoff all the time on Paul's official site.

I stated I came from the states and he repeated 3 times " You came all the way from the states!" Yes, I told him... Geoff said Paul would be arriving around 6 or 7pm and he would be back later. I thanked him and he left.. more fans began to gather around and I told them I had met some brilliant people of Gijon.. some of the Spanish press were beginning to come around after a few hours.
Juan Carlos a journalist from La Nueva newspaper came around to interview people. He interviewed me & the father & daughter from the Netherlands. He was great.. they took our picture for the paper, I am holding the press kit. Juan Carlos let me have the kit!!~ it was getting later and finally we saw a police escort approaching.

"Here comes Paul" in a blue Mercedes Limo as he sped by.. all you could see was Paul's hand!!! about 8:30 pm I left the stadium. & headed back too the hotel... around 10:30 pm we got ready to go into the rehearsal show...we sat at the back of the stadium were Paul began his rehearsal.. Paul looked about the size of my thumb.. there was a blonde whom I thought was a little girl..twirling, dancing & bowing to Paul.. It was HEATHER MCCARTNEY after about 7 songs we left.

We listened to the full dress rehearsal, this is when we found out that Paul would be doing Helter Skelter for the first time ever live!!!! oh man! the next day we saw the article from La was in Spanish so we could not read it... May25th I was nervous because this was the day of the show it had been almost a year since I had seen Paul in Liverpool June 1st of last year It took me hours to get ready.
we finally left for the sound check.. excitement was in the air & some people were beginning to gather for the gig.which wasn't to start for another 5 hours! once inside we sat down.. and the band began to rehearse Paul hadn't arrived yet.. Rusty began singing about eggs & tomatoes they did a nice rendition of Living Loving Maid by Zeppelin I believe & some blues. 15 minutes later Paul entered and welcomed US his special guests.. a couple were on their honey moon and he congratulated them ... (I might forget some bits & pieces since I'm still jet lagged) after the sound check, we got to go up to the front of the stage .. I was right in front of Pauls mic!!! it was fantastic!.

after what seemed like forever, some hours later you could hear back ground music beginning to fill the air, it was about 10:30pm.. & the pre-show began.. It was quite different than last tour I enjoyed the DJ & 60's dancers I also enjoyed the remix of rock show & temporary secretary.. but last years pre show was definitely better in my opinion.. Than Paul came out with JET!!!! the front row was going crazy!!! as Paul had recognized some familiar faces in the crowd. When Paul began to sing "Long & winding road" I began to loose it they caught me on camera on that one, I gesture too Paul a sign of tears than he came out with "In spite of all the danger" my gosh we were all in shock as Paul stated:
"I'm going to sing a song that he and John wrote before the Beatles" the time of Hamburg.

Man I began to cry more as I could hear Paul's & John's harmonies in my mind.. that was absolutely brilliant!!~ When Paul announced he was doing this one for John "Here Today" he sang
I LOVE YOU three times. and almost lost it at that point. Paul was very interactive with the front rows.. He read my sign.. a few times front & back.. I screamed to Rusty that he rocked !!~ he let out a woohooo !!~ after about 45 mins.
I FINALLY got Brian's attention.. his eyes got big and he smiled a wide smile as I told him at the chat " Don't forget look for the Black MACCA top hat" the band looked very happy as did Paul. I managed to get Wixxie attention also .. & told him he rocked also!!..I was loosing my voice at this point .. Paul & the band did the best rendition of "BAND ON THE RUN" ever..

Paul looked at me and sang, so I sang back to him..

"The first one said to the second one there I hope your having fun!!"

time just stood still when Paul sang to me at that moment! can you say effin AMAZING!

My god that was brilliant & he smiled at me! I think he might have recognized me at last.. tears welled in my eyes.. they filmed us and snapped piccies throughout the entire concert. It was damn exciting. Finally to my left just one person away I saw Heathers security lady Missy. I let out a gasp because I was so close to Heather. I mouthed to Missy If I may show Heather my shirt. she shook her head slightly no than winked.. a few minutes later I said:

"Heather" & pulled out my shirt. Heather did a double take and smiled a beautiful smile & gave me a thumbs up. I think she was surprised on the outfit the hat that said "MACCA"
Heather Missy & I wearing all wearing black hats!" it was amazing.
after Paul had finished another song.. which I forgot now laughing to self.. I past Heather a letter and a rose from a fan Mary,... than got my sign & asked Heather if she would sign it. Heather said Yes & signed "Lots of Love Heather Mills McCartney" I thanked her.

I think Heather caught a partial glimpse of the back of the sign that read HAPPY BABY !!!!! next thing I know Paul was finishing up the concert with "HELTER SKELTER" wow that was amazing.. oh my, I forgot to add "FOR NO ONE" made me definitely cry.. If I have anymore to add I'll post later .. I don't have pics yet as I and other fans have pics. When we left the stadium a few of us were interviewed for Spanish telly,.. & people wanted pics with me .. I'm Not Paul McCartney! It was brilliant !

Christina "Harleyblues"

So this was Gijon Spain 04 a wonderfl night or should I say a Beautiful night for me one I'll never forget. Thanx Paul for the wonderful memories!
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