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Sunday, October 14, 2007

woohooo BIG shout out for MDSanta,miracles do happen

wooohooo a big SHOUT out for MDSanta miracles do happen.

Oh man oh man for weeks now my feeds have not been updating my content on "My Blog Log" & " Blog Catalog" and my "Imagine" widget don't ask me what happened but they stopped working. I tried for hours & weeks to correct the problem. I noticed a cool lil blogger with the name MDSanta, well I had to investigate cuz I was so intrigued by the name.

This guy is a techie guy so I read. I shot him a message and he gave some advice. I decided to bother him one more time today, hehehehe, and with some sleuthing he figured what my proper feed was! Yes, can you say hella cool!

So I have now updated my proper feed in blogger and now my content is updating, I swear I had tears in my eyes. It has been so frustrating especially when you are a new blogger that is techie challenged. I've always believed in Santa and now he has helped me out. Click on MDSantas blog in red letters above.

Gari- Japnanese band

MDSanta has a Japanese vibe goin on on his blog so I thought I's post this vid for him. Hey these guys are pretty rockin. I have no idea what they are singin about but I'm liken these guys.Gari a Japanese rock-techo-funk band. what do you think of the vid?

I got a feeling-The Beatles

Ha MDSantas favorite Beatle tune is I got a Feeling- well here's to Santa ...hehehe
update: Oct 21 had to tear down the "Gari" video it's no longer avaliable imagine that
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