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Sunday, October 14, 2007

How bout some Wings?

How bout some Wings?

Man the some of the vids that I posted 2 months ago Big barn bed and Martha my dear plus a few others are no longer available? CRUMB! Some people argue that Wings was a batter band than The Beatles, c'mon you cannot even compare the two. This was a different time in Macca's life both bands were brilliant! On the other hand some think Solo McCartney is best.~

Pipes of Peace

The Mess-Paul McCartney & Wings

no more lonely nights- Paul N Wings

Silly Love songs

Too many people-Pauls current band Abe Laboriel Jr. Paul WIX Wickens, Brian Ray

Rusty Anderson

I got to tell you this rawked live being in the 5th row in San Jose and the 2nd row in LA. It was too cool. I tell you! and I just did, hehehehe. A McCartney concert is badass but being in front is a total different experience. If you never have seen paul McCartney LIVE do yourself a fvaor an go and enjoy him in concert- next spring, rumour is~Love Paul!

Ram on

One of Macca's best albums ever If I do say so myself
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