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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paul gives Shout out to fans from Cali!

Paul gives shout out to fans in Cali!

~ Audrey P. from San Jose Ca, was one of few lucky fans that happened to log onto the
"Round house webby" that accidently went live earlier this month. Scoring her two tickets immediately to see Paul McCartney at the Round House-Electric Proms" event earlier this evening! Apparently Miss Audrey had fellow fan Sharon fly with her over to London to see Paul.
(how lucky can two fans from Cali be? lol) During the live web cast from the "Proms" Paul noticed a sign in the crowd, and read it:

"Two California Girls Love U"

Well how lucky for you girls! I know you were excited beyond belief! I'm just waiting to hear about the gig! By the way, I carried my dang sign thru four countries in the last 5 years and Paul never read my sign out loud! damn gurllls!
stay tuned for updates!

Photo courtesy Electric Proms website

Paul giggin it, at the Electric Proms London, with Hofner in hand. Nice suit Paul!~

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