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Friday, October 26, 2007

Paul @ RoundHouse/Camden

Win player ,real player, media player would play this video concert.
This is Paul McCartney's entire gig last night at The Round House, Electric Proms event!
note: I suggest watching this on windows media player for the full concert effect with bigger screen
Enjoy Folks!

Ok watching the vid myself so far I see Elsa, dang gurl you were there too! Ok, also see Audrey and Sharon, hehehe. lmao Audrey whats with the boppin head? kidding of course! Keps too? Hey Tessa, I see you in the vid also! Abe the giggin clown and great drummer!

Man lots of people who were in La gig at the Amoeba is at this gig!
Right on Paul! lovin the live strings on "Only mama Knows" Man this is freakin brillant

Paul's entire gig!! well at least we can watch the whole thing for those of us that couldn't be there!~ "That was me" "was brillant" Oh man "Eleanor Rigby"is brillant with the strings, fantastic! Man lovin "Band on the run" also Paul. "Calico Skies" just lovely woohooo!!wish we'd hear "Head in the clouds" a must watch live concert.
This is just like a Hallmark card the next best thing to being there lmao!

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