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Saturday, October 06, 2007

wooohoo Happy Birthday to me and John Lennon! plus Imagine Peace

wooohoo happy Birthday to me and John Lennon! plus Imagine Peace

tomorrow is my B-day and John's is the 9th for those that did not know man birthdays are not what they used to be, hehehe. So Happy Birthday to US.
Below are vids "Imagine" "Come Together" "Don'te Let me Down" also below is a message from Yoko

Imagine-John Lennon

Join the biggest online peace demonstration.

Put banners on your websites.
Put IMAGINE PEACE on your work computer.
Put posters in your window.
Send postcards.
Put up flyers.
Put them on your noticeboard at work or at school.
You can even make T-Shirts.
You can do it.
Do it now.
Get them all from the download section at

Email us photos & tell us what you're doing.

If one billion people in the world think peace, we'll get peace.
You may think:
"Well, how are we going to get one billion people in the world to think PEACE?"
Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world.
Power works in mysterious ways.
You don't have to do much.
Visualise the domino effect and just start thinking PEACE.
Thoughts are infectious.
Send it out.
The message will circulate faster than you think.
It's time for action.
The action is PEACE.
Spread the WORD.
Spread PEACE.
Remember: A dream we dream together is reality.
So stand up, speak out, and come together.
Imagine all the people living life in peace.


Don't Let me Down-The Beatles

Join the biggest online peace demonstration -

Please forward this letter to everyone on your mailing list. thankyou. IMAGINE PEACE!

Come Together-The Beatles

harleyblues take:
I hafta agree with Yoko on this one a Light in Johns honor in Videy Island, Reykjavik, Iceland. It's a pretty brillant idea. hopefully the world can "come together" on this lovely event, bravo Yoko! ps. enjoy the "Come Together" "Dont't Let me Down" & "Imagine" videos above.
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