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Thursday, November 15, 2007

6 months of blogging for me what a trip it's been

6 months of blogging for me what a trip it's been

Next week will be my 6 month anniversary of blogging and I tell you it hasn't been easy.
Blogging takes allot of work and dedication.
From what to post to all the techhnical stuff than attempting to put that into practice on your blog.

What I still donot understand is HTML codes, labels & how to post a Digg button properly amoung other things.

What Iv'e learned so far how to add vids, piccies, bookmarks, add a comment, lil widgets, links, RSS feeds, colors, fonts etc. (elementary for you but still a learning process for me)

I still do not know how to add a three column to my blog and if I did know this that would be my next goal.
I also do not know how to make people leave messages or generate more traffic? I do know it's difficult to get technical help from bloggers.

I've also met some very friendly bloggers mostly via blog catalog who have offered help and in site. I also noticed that some can really give a damn what's in your side bar because no one has made any inquiries on what is posted there?
I do know that I love blogging and promoting things that I believe in wether it be
the Beatles & Paul McCartney or other music and artists, or anything that I find interesting or have a mad passion about!
I do Look forward to the next 6 months to see where my lil blog might take me. I also appreciate all you lil visitors out there visiting and reading my blog keep up the good work, you rawk!!

ta for now
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