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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please don't get me started on Barry Bonds!

Please don't get me started on Barry Bonds!

To the left I have posted a poll on Barry Bonds. Do you think Bonds is guilty of the allegations of steroid use?
So they finally indicted him, I'd like to know if he is guilty or innocent and how will this impact baseball in the future? IF found guilty will they strip Bonds of his title, well thats a silly question now isn't?~

I left my heart in San Fransico
Hum Bonds claims that his heart is in San Fransico and will always belong to the Giant's he stated in a recent interview.
Than why is his Body in Beverly Hillls? don't fake the funk Barry!~
One more thing why can't Bonds just man up and admit his guilt, other players have done it, everyones human and makes mistakes, why does Bonds act like he is above the law and everyone is beneath him~ what an effin ego!

side note:
I automatically assumed everyone knows who Barry Bonds is forgetting that people all over the world read my blog as was just asked by a blogger "who is Barry Bonds?"

Barry bonds is a Baseball player from the States that played for the San Fransico Giants for over 10 yrs. breaking all baseball records. His family has a history with professional baseball ( they were great! ) Bonds is an arrogant so & so that believes he is above the Law and denies steroid use ever! Everyone else is a liar instead of him total denial. Bonds has just been indicted for lying to a Fed Grand Jury for takin steroids/performance enhancing drugs wich is illegal is Pro sports~ Last month San Fransico finally kicked him to the curb (money reasons) lots of people are in a tiff for his breaking of Hank Aaaron's all time homerun record believed tainted behind steroids use~hb~
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