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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Heather Mills McCartney on the brink to tell all

Heather Mills McCartney on the brink to tell all

Wow, what can you say about this it's difficult to put into words the divorce of Heather & Paul.

Heather Mills, Paul McCartney's soon to be EX has had it with the media and claims that Stella McCartney has had it in for her since day one.

The British tabloids have been especially cruel to Heather claiming she is a "Gold digger bigger than Anna Nicole Smith" say what?

I watched a brief snippet today at work as Heather appeared on the Today Show she appears to be devastated by all the negative press. (wouldn't you be?) I could see she has had enough. Being bullied as she has been, a terrible nightmare for anyone.

Heather stated:
"She would walk away quietly if Paul admitted he was responsible for their split."

Heather just wanted Paul to protect her. Heather stated on Access Hollywood if Stella continues on she will provide proof, and come out with audio evidence Heather has hidden under lock and key or in the event she should be killed. What!!
Heather also claims Paul betrayed her worse than infidelity, I wonder what that could be?

That is mad crazy what a freakin nightmare for Paul and Heather. It's not like this is the first divorce in history! The press has to crucify someone surely not a Knighted Beatle.

Why does the media continue to harass Heather is beyond me, to sell papers? forget the human toll and suffering such stalking & negativity by the media does to someone not to mention the mental anguish of it all.
What will it take for the media to stop the insane frenzy on celebs?
what do you think?
I'd classify this one as cruel and unusual punishment modern day witch Hunt!
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