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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

McCartneys dreaded solo 'Best of'

McCartney dreaded solo 'Best Of'

Sir Paul McCartney was terrified of making a greatest hits album - because he didn't think his solo efforts were good enough.
The Beatles star admits he "dreaded" the prospect of a compilation of his work after the group disbanded in 1970, but was pleasantly surprised by the end result,
The McCartney Years.
He says,
"I thought, 'Oh no God, there's not enough good stuff yet.'
"But looking at it, I think some of the stuff I was a bit scared of, I don't need to be scared of. Especially as it's all been re-polished and buffed up. They seem to stand up quite well."
harleyblues take:
Dear Paul, why in the world would you think that your music was not good enuff? you are the one after all the makes the final decision on what you release. Us fans all know what a perfectionist you are and a brilliant artist. Are people tone deaf?

I'm sure if you released a recorded version of the telephone book we would buy it! Don't fear Paul, if the critics don't like it well, we all know what they can do "kick rocks"

I'm sure we will all love it and that's what matters most what the fans think~
The McCartney years here at
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