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Friday, November 23, 2007

My internet is down Comcast sux!

My Internet is down Comcast sux!

Hey everyone if your wonderin why I haven't posted in over 3 days becuz my Internet is down along with my cable. I will try and post something of interest later ta hb~ comcast sux!
I am back to rant more about my damn Internet service witch is called "Comcast" and do they suck, YES! For one they charge you an arm and a leg for high speed Internet & basic cable TV.

Why? becuz they can, I suppose there should be some type of fed regulations against Comcast for their price gauging and faulty service, but what options do we have here in Northern Cali?

For the types of monies they are charging at least their service should work properly and NOT intermittently (what I get every few months).
-Than they Comcast decided to do an upgrade during the holidays.
-What brainiac thought of that BS? Their customer service cannot give you a correct response.
-your modem doesn't work-no kidding?
-the service will be back up by 5 o'clock
-your off line
-they are upgrading the system
-we need to send out a technician
-we have no appts. available-this is a standard response
The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Round and round I go with Comcast since this past Wednesday they really did piss me off so now I must end this post since I have to go back to work in a few minutes. I have no idea wether my Internet service has been restored but I will let you know.
Comcast technicians are the only ones at Comcast that have great customer service.
Finally my serice is back up friday evening after one more phone call, man did I miss being online and my blog.
I hope you all here in the States had a nice Thanksgiving - as you can see this is how my day went, no where, with Comcast.ha!
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